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Welcome to Sunflower Hill, where we celebrate real women leading real lives!

We know that every magazine you open, every television show you turn on, sings the praises of aging - but not aging itself . “Look younger than your years”, “Use our product and ban the wrinkles, eye creases, fill-in-the-supposed-defect” and on and on. Maybe, like us, you're tired of all the hype. Maybe like us, you'd like to just be who you are and enjoy the ride.

Our products don't make wild claims or promise to make you look 20 years younger (although after using them, you may feel that way!). We'd rather that you nourish your body and feed your spirit by using pure essential oils and other natural ingredients to help soothe and balance and moisturize.

Our philosophy is simple: We believe that real beauty comes from within, and that, no matter her age or size, each and every woman is beautiful. We carry this philosophy forward by making top quality products, offering the best customer service possible and never taking ourselves too seriously (hey, we earned these laugh lines).

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A Little History

Sunflower Hill started as a hobby, making soaps, lotions and potions as an excuse for a little pampering (ahem, someone had to try out the products). Before we knew it, friends were asking for their own concoctions and a business was born!

We use only the best quality ingredients, essential and fragrance oils, glycerin, fixed oils, etc. Our products are never tested on animals, mostly on willing friends and family – husbands and sons included! We make all our products in small carefully controlled batches. Each Bar of soap is hand cut and wrapped in beautiful hand made paper. In the interest of the environment, most of our packaging is recyclable.

Many of our products evolved from enthusiastic ideas and requests from friends and customers, resulting in names like “My Sister's Patchouli” named for my sister who came of age in the 70's, or Becky's Bridal Bouquet in honor of our daughter-in-law Becky and inspired by her wedding bouquet of Sweet Peas and Roses, or Wendy's Belly Jelly, developed especially for our daughter-in-law Wendy when she was pregnant for our grandson Jake (you know we can't resist plugging our grandchildren!)

We are committed to hiring local women and allowing them to control their work schedules with us… one more way we are supporting the women of Maine and our diverse roles while helping to build the economy in our little corner of the world.

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