Sunflower HIll Kids

Sunflower HIll Kids

All glycerin soaps are carefully created in small batches and hand cut. All bars weigh proximately 4 oz unless otherwise noted.
NOTE: Soaps contain small toys which are a choking hazard and are not for children under 3.

In the Water Soaps



In the Water – twelve watercraft toys including personal crafts like sailboats and speedboats, military ships like a battleship and submarine, and pleasure ships like a cruise ship and paddleboat. Assorted styles. 4oz

On the Road

On the Road Contains nine colorful toys: semi truck, motorcycle, police car, school bus, fire truck, passenger car, delivery truck, ATV, and pick-up truck. Assorted styles. 4 oz $7.00

Bracelets – What fun! She can choose a bracelet, take a bath, wash her hands and soon she will have a bracelet to wear…and since there is an assortment of colors, she will need to have ALL of them. Assorted colors, styles.
4 oz $7.00

Unicorn – The mythical creature is always popular! Assorted styles.
5 oz $7.00

Shark in a Bag
SHARK! In a Bag Are you afraid to go back in the water...or the tub? Fragrance free soap. Assorted sharks. 6 oz $7.00

Turtles – Fun turtles with stretchy necks "swimming" in soap pond. Assorted colors
4 oz $7.00




Penguin toys in fragrance free clear soap, assorted styles.
4 oz $7.00

Frog in a Bag

Frog in a Bog Soap - Fun in the tub! A colorful vinyl dart frog swimming in a fragrance free soap "bog" …and a toy when the soap is gone! Assorted colors. 6 oz

Fish in a Bag

Fish in a Bag - Fun in the tub! A vinyl fish embedded in fragrance free soap-encourages kids to wash ...and a toy when the soap is gone! – Assorted colors. 6oz

Panda Soap
Panda Bears – Frolic and play with these delightful pandas. Assortment includes 12 various poses. 4oz

Dinosaurs Soap

Dinosaurs in a Bar – A prehistoric friend to play with once the soap is gone! Assorted styles. 4 oz

Whales Assorted styles 5 oz

Sports Balls Soap

Sports Balls – High bounce balls ready for play when the soap is done. Assortment includes soccer balls, footballs, baseballs and basketballs. 4 oz

Pirate Soap
Ahoy Mates! – Check out the fun pirates ready to sail the 7 seas or maybe just the bathtub. A great assortment of pirates embedded in clear, fragrance free soap. 4 oz

Mermaid in a Bag – Magical Mystical Mermaids looking forward to swimming in the tub. 6 oz

Ballerina Soap

Dancing Ballerina – Here she is ready to dance in the tub and when the soap is gone, she can be posed in any ballet position. Assorted colors. 4 oz