Seashore Collection

All glycerin soaps are carefully created in small batches and hand cut. All bars weigh proximately 4 oz unless otherwise noted.

Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze – The fragrance of gentle breezes wafting in from the ocean!

Sea Mist
Sea Mist – An absolutely, unbelievable blend of oils, close your eyes while you sniff this fragrance and you will find yourself transported the seashore! (E)

Sea Shore
Sea Shore – Stroll the shore; inhale the fresh wonderful sea salt air! New for 2017

Sun, Sea and Surf
Sun, Sea and Surf – puts you on the beach with someone special.

Coast of Maine Soap
Coast of Maine – Our Coastal Bar includes an infusion of skin treating antioxidant white tea and a wonderful fragrance.

The Maine Lobstah
The Maine "Lobstah" – This commemorative soap is crafted from glycerin and has a fresh fragrance so they can bring home a "Lobstah" from Maine.

Sea Salt Soap



Sea Salt Soap Bar – a beautiful turquoise bar with a layer of sea salt and wonderful fragrance will help you cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate your skin. (E) 5 oz.

Seaweed Soap - We use bradderwrack powder gathered and dried by Maine seaweed supplier, Vitamin Sea Seaweed. Steeped in the ocean’s nutrient-rich waters, this wild brown bradderwrack seaweed has the power to revitalize stressed skin of all types. Seaweed encourages elasticity, restores resilience, and brings out the best normal skin. We offer seaweed soap in two wonderful fragrances:

Sea LavenderSeaweed Soap


Sea Lavender - fragranced with lavender essential oil. (E)

Sea Coral Seaweed Soap
Sea Coral - a citrusy combination of sweet orange and tangerine essential oils. (E)

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore...

Just like walking along the shore and picking up shells! Our soap "shells" will make you smile.

Scallop Shell in a Bar Soap



Scallop Shell in a Bar – A small scallop shell soap embedded in a sea blue-green coastal soap. 4.5 oz New for 2017

Starfish in a Bar Soap



Starfish in a Bar – You will love this soap starfish embedded in our sea blue-green coastal soap. 4.5 oz New for 2017

Starfish in a Box



Starfish in a Box – We couldn’t resist when we saw our starfish soap, we had to offer a box of starfish guest soap! 5 oz New for 2017

Treasures From the Sea


Treasures from the Sea (almost) - Soap that looks like Sea Glass! In Canada, Sea Glass is called "Mermaid’s Tears". No matter what you call it this wonderful glycerin soap is reminiscent of beachcombing and found treasures. 6 oz Box or 10 oz Jar.
6 oz box $10.00
10 oz jar $20.00

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The (E) indicates that at least one oil in this blend is an essential oil.