Sunflower Hill Soaps

All glycerin soaps are carefully created in small batches and hand cut. All bars weigh proximately 4 oz unless otherwise noted.

Fruit Fragrance Collection

Blueberries and Cream Soap
Blueberries and Cream — a sniff of this blue and white swirled soap and you are in a summer field of fragrant blueberries! Our most popular fragrance!

Lemon Verbena Soap
Lemon Verbena - This fresh lemony soap is lemon yellow!

Lemongrass and Spice Soap
Lemongrass and Spice - Great for kitchen and garden, this fragrant soap combines the deep cleansing power of cornmeal and ground oatmeal with the moisturizing qualities of glycerin and shea butter and the refreshing combination of lemon, cinnamon and clove oils for odor removal (E)!

Fresh Pear Soap
Fresh Picked Pear - the succulent aroma of fresh pears, what more can be said? !

Floral Fragrance Collection

Butterfly Meadows Soap
Gardenia - The fresh, floral fragrance of summer gardenias.

Lavender Rosemary Soap
Lavender-Rosemary - the essential oils of lavender and rosemary soothe, relax and restore balance to the mind and body (E)!

Lovely Lilac Soap
Lilac - who can resist this fragrant scent of the lilac in a beautiful lilac color!

Lupine Soap
Lupine - the best lupine fragrance we have found and are so glad to have it in our floral collection!

Poppy, Poppy, Poppy Soap

Poppy, Poppy, Poppy - Close your eyes, see the beauty of poppies swaying in a gentle breeze !

Hydrangea Soap
Hydrangea - a beautiful fragrance and beautiful color will make you happy the whole day!

Summer Rose Soap

Summer Rose - breathe in the perfectly blended rose fragrance oils, gaze at the lovely pink translucent color and you will always be in that summer rose garden!

Body & Soul Collection

Awake Soap

Awake! – Get going with this rejuvenating and hydrating soap containing coconut water and the essential oils of rosemary and spearmint.(E)!

Balsam Soap

Balsam Soap – the woodsy fragrance of balsam, in a beautiful sage color and a special raised pinecone mold make this an irresistible soap any time of the year. (E)!

White Tea Soap

White Tea – an infusion of antioxidant white tea and a wonderful white tea fragrance oil make this a wonderful soap for bath or shower.!

Vanilla Bean Soap

Vanilla Bean – if you love vanilla, you will LOVE this fragrance!!

Lemongrass Sage Soap

Lemongrass Sage – this crisp, fresh fragrance of lemongrass and blue sage will invigorate your senses.!

Oatmeal and Honey Soap

Oatmeal Milk & Honey – By all accounts this almondy fragrance is a winner!!

Fresh Outdoors Soap

Fresh Outdoors – The fresh smell of clothes dried outdoors!

Mr. and Mrs. Soap

MR. & MRS – perfect for those celebrations! $6.50

MR. Soap

MRS. Soap

The Yoga Collection


Warrior – Like the pose this scent will invigorate and enliven you!


Namaste – The bright, soft scents of jade and dogwood.


Savasana – Breath in the calming scents of white tea, ginger and peach.

Great Outdoors

Let's Go Boating

Let's Go Boating – Imagine you’re in the canoe, floating down a river, sun on you face! That’s where this fragrance will take you.

Let's Go Camping

Let's Go Camping– This fresh outdoor scent will have you at your campsite, enjoying all the wonders, sights and sounds of nature!

Let's Go Fishing

Let’s Go Fishing – This fragrance will put on the lake with fishing rod in hand watching the sunrise on a fresh new morning.

Let's Go Camping

Let's Go Hiking– This fragrance is called “Cracklin” Birch and will put you at the mountain, hiking stick in hand and ready to go!

The Lake Collection

The Lake Collection

Lake Life!

Happy Camper!

The Lone Loon Soap for Men - $6.50

Pontoon Party!

Soap for Men Collection

The Lone Rooster Soap

The Lone Rooster – This soap is great fun! Be sure to read the back label which has a picture of baby chicks and says "Don’t smell 'fowl', use Lone Rooster soap & get the 'chicks'"!

Mountain Dewd Soap

Mountain Dewd – A masculine fragrance with notes of grapefruit and bergamot, amber, patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood!

One the Rocks Soap for Men

On the Rocks – our Sandalwood Bourbon fragrance is top shelf, a little spice, a little oak and a whole lot of sensuality! This soap is designed for men but women will love it too!!

It’s a Guy Thing Soap

It’s a Guy Thing – A sensual blend of masculine fragrances sure to please him.

"Adult Beverage" Collection

Lime Margarita Soap

Lime Margarita – Lime Margarita fragrance oil, coarse sea salt, and a translucent lime green bar equals a Margarita for your body!

Moscow Mule Soap

Moscow Mule – All the things you expect in a Moscow Mule, lime, ginger and a touch of citrusy grapefruit!

Chardonnay Soap

Chardonnay – A sophisticated blend of crisp white grapes, berries, and a touch of rich oak!

Merlot Madness Soap

Merlot Madness – a wonderful fragrance that will entice you do drink in its scent!

On the Rocks Soap for Men

On the Rocks – our Sandalwood Bourbon fragrance is top shelf, a little spice, a little oak and a whole lot of sensuality!!

W.I.N.O.S. Soap

W.I.N.O.S. – Women In Need Of Soap. Enjoy anytime!!

Geary's Beer Soap

Geary's Soap

Geary’s Pale Ale Liquid Soap

Choose Vanilla Verbena or Unscented

8.5oz - $10.00

Choose One

Why D.L. Geary Brewing Company?

The D.L. Geary Brewing Company was incorporated in October, 1983 by David and Karen Geary who shared the vision of producing world class products on a small scale for local and regional consumption. At that time, there were only 13 so-called microbreweries in the United States, almost all of them in California and the Pacific Northwest.

David spent a period of time training and researching in Scotland and the south coast of England.

During that time, the size and design of the brewery began to take shape; and most importantly, the recipe for Geary’s Pale Ale was created using classic elements from some of Britain’s best breweries.

On December 10, 1986, the first pints of Geary’s Pale Ale were sold; Maine and New England’s first craft brewery had arrived.

Why Beer Soap?

  • Hops are high in antioxidants which are thought to combat the aging process for skin.
  • Beer has moisturizing properties thought to be hydrating to the skin.
  • Beer contains vitamin B which is thought to moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Dry and oily skin may benefit from the balancing effects of beer. The natural pH of your skin may be stabilized after washing with beer products.

Why use Geary’s Pale Ale in our soap?

Along with the reasons stated above, Geary’s Pale Ale, rich in hops and malt adds exceptional lather with a creamy feel to the skin. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Available in 5 oz soap bars and 8 oz pumps of liquid soap. Each with no added fragrance or a wonderful verbena vanilla that everyone will love!

 Whimsical Collection (For Humans)

Cat Lovers Soap

Cat Lovers Soap – A bright, sunny fragrance, purr-fect for any cat lover!

Dog Lovers Soap

Dog Lovers Soap – Sandalwood with a hint of spice is the perfect fragrance for any dog lover!

Holiday Collection

Holiday Snowmen Soap

Snowman – A Snowman Ornament in a clear bar of glycerin soap with a glittery snowy background. 4oz

Winter WonderlandSoap

Winter Wonderland Snowflake soap has a raised glittery snowflake on a beautiful blue background. Holiday fragrance blend of bayberry, pine, cinnamon, clove with a touch of lemon. 4 oz

Jack Frost Soap

Jack Frost – A frosty white soap offers a minty vanilla fragrance with nuance of pine. 4 oz

Sleigh Bells Soap

Sleigh Bells – A beautiful gold soap with a crisp outdoor fragrance blend of pine, fir and cedar bark. 4 oz

Peppermint Stick Soap

Peppermint Stick – Layers of red and white glycerin soap fragranced with peppermint essential oil. 5 oz

Three Kings Soap

Three Kings – Glittery gold, green and red mica tri-colored soap scented with Frankincense and Myrrh. 5 oz

The (E) indicates that at least one oil in this blend is an essential oil.